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The audience of VBBR are busy business leaders. They want ideas, insight, and information they can parse quickly with little effort. They have problems they need to solve, and they don’t know how to start, what’s tripping them up along the way, and even why they can never reach their goals.

Leaders Discuss panels are facilitated by Jessica Dewell. Each episode focuses in on one question.

You, as a panelist will prepare by having a 2-minute answer to the question. Your answer, along with up to three other panelists shape the idea. It’s the combination of all answers and the discussion that follows that builds the program. Your preparation of the answer and experience that you have personally (and with clients) will add context to our discussion. NOTE: Initial answers to 2 minutes so we have a strong framework for the conversation that follows.

VBBR is recorded and polished (super light editing). Our recording dates are not air dates. We will let you know when the show will air. We will publish and promote Leaders Discussion: Development & Solutions programs across our distribution channels.

As a panelist, you receive:

  • Mentions in our Social Media as a panelist and for the episodes you are on; mentions for being a cohost
  • Listed on the VBBR website with your picture, sassy bio, a link to all episodes you are in, your FB, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • The opportunity to submit articles, with your name on the bi-line, on the VBBR site on any topic you like.
  • A full-use, non-transferable, license of each program for your use.

As a panelist, you agree (by recording with us and appearing on the show):

  • Mention and share about VBBR to your networks
  • Actively promote the programs(s) as they air
  • Submitted articles on topics of your choice will not be promotional
  • All rights to the recordings and versions of each program and the final product are part of VBBR, and all owned by Red Direction
  • You will not modify, crop, clip, or modify any final episode in any way