How we approach at a challenge we face in the moment must include what life will be like when this challenge is over.

Growth, personal and business, stem from self awareness and how we show up. It’s how we talk to ourselves, communicate with others, and our ability to solve our own problems. Success comes from completing our goals – realistic and with clear measurement – so we know we are on track, get to the finish line by completing them, and celebrating and learning from the journey. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Zala Bricelj and Howard Strauber and their discussion about how do we know when to grow.

Program 76 - Know When To GrowStarting the conversation:

  • When we reach our capacity, how do we know and if we need to grow?
  • Is growth a choice?
  • Are growth and success tied together?

Full Transcript Here.

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panelists: Howard Strauber, Zala Bricelj

What You Will Hear:

There are always setbacks.

The motivation behind growth and learning.

No quick fixes for growth.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – what we individually see and perceive ourselves and others.

Choice, challenge, and growth.

Connecting metrics to a personal and business WHY.

The connection between growth and success.

Tips for looking at self and other (and the reactions).

Emotion recognition. Empathy.

Notable and Quotable:

Howard Strauber: I learn about life on life’s terms.

Zala Bricelj: We must want to learn something new to overcome challenges.

Zala Bricelj: Growth is learning from the past and choosing a different action next time.

Jessica Dewell: We can recognize: I made a different choice this time.

Howard Strauber: It’s about our perspective.

Jessica Dewell: It takes time to learn to choose how we will react.

Howard Strauber: One will become the person they believe they are.

Zala Bricelj: It takes effort to define [metrics] and use them. Set realistic goals.

Jessica Dewell: You’ve got your path and I’ve got mine.

Howard Strauber: Have a work ethic and celebrate it.

Howard Strauber: The urgency to move forward moves me through my reactions.

Jessica Dewell: We all must have negative emotions so we can feel the positive ones more.

Zala Bricelj: We put a lot of stress on having good feelings, and it is important [for growth] to realize that the entire palate of emotions is ok.

Howard Strauber: I get more information from a phone call than a text communicating with somebody.

Zala Bricelj: I’m mindful of the nuances in communication when I’m in an office or connecting digitally.


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