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Here are just a few of the topics that Jessica explores on The Voice of Bold Business Show:

  • How to handle stress, deadlines, and get the team moving toward goals together.
  • Defining commitment and using that to prioritize and maximize your time.
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable (because there are always more unknowns than knowns).
  • Develop our skills and the skills of our teams to continue to move toward the vision of what the company will become.

…and much more!

Program 98 LIVE 10/24 – Let Go of the Baloney

Program 98 LIVE 10/24 – Let Go of the Baloney

From stress to chaos we like shortcuts. When we don’t think, and decide to shortcut we end up making more work for ourselves, and everyone around us. First we choose to see what baloney we’ve allowed ourselves to create. Second we notice it without judgement. Third,...

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You are in the right place

….to listen, learn, and even laugh a bit. Jessica Dewell facilitates leader discussions, has conversations about current problems and needs, and interviews guests about what it means to develop people and solutions effectively – today.

As business leaders, our understanding of work goals directly relates to our ability to perform to the set standard. How we set and communicate the standard affects how well our teams achieve success.

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If you are ready to figure out the problem and find the right solution right now, you are in the right place.

Listen and discover ideas and action steps from fellow business leaders’ experiences on The Voice of Bold Business Show. Tune in.

Today’s business leaders are bold:

judicious, energetic, efficient, receptive, responsive, rooted, dynamic, cooperative, strong, impactful, daring, courageous, valiant, audacious, spirited, confident, assured … to name just a few of the many ways of defining “bold.” All these words have a common theme: action.